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Dec 15, 2002 -- DF Favorites 3.0.5 Update and Cheat Blocker 3.0.5 Update have been updated to include some TFD and LW bug fixes.

Dec 12, 2002 -- DF Favorites 3.0.5 Update and Cheat Blocker 3.0.5 Update have been updated to include Land Warrior 42 support.

Nov 23, 2002 -- DF Favorites 3.0.5 Update and Cheat Blocker 3.0.5 Update are both available for download from the downloads page

Notable Changes (DF Favorites):

  • Favorites v3.0.5.3870
  • Config Download - updated to allow download of lobby address changes from the settings dialog -- you do not have to go and find the lobby address yourself anymore
  • Right Click Menu - has been cleaned up and reorganized to make it easier to use
  • Cheat Blocker Info - a right click menu has been added to go directly to the Cheat Blocker page for the selected server
  • Keep Favorites Open - holding down the shift key while clicking on the Join button or the Start button will leave favorites running
  • Lobby Search - the lobby search has been corrected to download all pages and has been updated for the latest version of the NW lobby
  • Branding - the default branding is now active (DF Barracks) and support for bitmap images in addition to jpeg and gif is now supported
  • Embedded Chat - the embedded chat window now supports smiles and other usability enhancements
  • Standalone Chat - the standalone chat has the same features as the embedded chat but also includes balloon tips when the chat is minimized to the system tray
  • DEM Remote - in cooperation with NedFox there is now client support for the upcoming DEM 3 soon to be released. You do not need to have DEM installed in order to use the Favorites DEM Client
  • MSN Messenger - has been added to the send to menu so you can send game links to your online MSN buddies
  • TFD browser - the embedded TFD browser is now rendering properly
  • LW browser - the embedded LW browser is now rendering properly
  • CCSERVER - the game no longer requires focus to receive game commands making serve and play servers easier to manage
  • TFD/LW - auto message and net delay support has been added
  • Clean Text - Clean Text is a module of CCServer that monitors the in game chat, team chat, and player names and will automatically warn and punt users that use language you consider in appropriate
  • Weapon Restrictions - You can now have weapon restrictions completely and automatically enforced for all game types. The player joining the game is stripped of any invalid weapons and they cannot get them from the armory - no need to warn or watch
  • Cheat Blocker - Favorites contains the latest version of Cheat Blocker
  • DF2/ACP - as of this version the ACP is being removed from the main support, see the Cheat Blocker configuration to enable
  • CB Only Server Software - this version of the program is compatible with the upcoming CBOSS program to enforce CB usage from the server
    Notable Changes (Cheat Blocker):

  • Cheat Blocker v3.0.5.4162
  • Catalog Updated - nearly 240 cataloged trainers confirmed to be recognized
  • TFD Support - cheat blocker is now available for TFD, declare that you do not cheat by using it
  • LW Support - LW support has been vastly improved in terms of the methods of detection and the success rate. It is now on a par with the DF2 version
  • CB Lobby - the CB lobby pages have been upgraded to match the format used by DF Favorites World where servers are grouped by game type. This makes it much easier to locate your server (see the Cheat Blocker Info right click menu in favorites to get there fast)
  • Banning - we have started banning players that are trying to cheat repeatedly
  • CB Only Server Software - This version of CB is compatible with the upcoming CBOSS program which allows servers to enforce the use of CB by all players automatically. Keep a watch on the forums for updates coming soon.
  • CB Server Enabled - In the configuration you will now see a check box that turns on CBOSS notifications. Please do not use this until the CBOSS is generally available
  • DF2/ACP - Cheat Blocker is no longer promoting support of the original ACP. If you need to enable ACP please use the configuration tool, it is no longer directly enabled from Favorites and will be removed in an upcoming release
  • Prior Versions - in a week or so the prior versions, 3.0.3 and 3.0.4, will no longer be supported and will not show on the CB lobby pages

    Sept 21, 2002 -- DF2/3 Favorites 3.0.4 Update and Cheat Blocker 3.0.4 Update are both available for download from the downloads page.

    Notable Changes (DF2/3 Favorites):

  • Favorites v3.0.4.3792
  • Updated: lobby addresses for LW and TFD
  • New: a new configuration file is used to hold the game specific data which should allow smaller updates when the lobby changes, etc.
  • Corrected: CCServer game startup for TFD required some timing weaks
  • Updated: CCServer needed an address update for player names for TFD v1.0.9 support.
  • Updated: The PCX Image viewer had a few little tweaks
  • Updated: The Cheat Blocker has been updated (see below)
  • Other changes not worth noting or that I have forgotten about

    Notable Changes (Cheat Blocker):

  • Blocker version v3.0.4.4040
  • Updated: 50 new trainers have been cataloged of which only a couple would slip through the prior 3.0.3 version
  • Updated: additional classifications of trainers are now detected in addition to the ones already dealt with
  • Updated: some language versions cause a cheat alert, this update will allow future updates to automatically correct this issue more easily
  • Updated: Added a significant (tripled) the number of game state modifications that were previously monitored
  • CB only users are recommended to download the full package to refresh the configuration tool which has had a few tweaks performed

    Sept 4, 2002:
  • Read the DFBarracks Interview

    August 19, 2002 -- DF2/3 Favorites 3.0.3 Update and Cheat Blocker 3.0.3 Update are both available for download from the downloads page.

    Notable Changes (DF2/3 Favorites):

  • Favorites v3.0.3.3748
  • Corrected: Error message that occurs in the Server Startup Options dialog referring to an invalid format string.
  • Corrected: When a server was added to the favorites list the password status was not correctly being identified, resulting in allowing you to try and join a server without getting the password confirmation message.
  • Corrected: When a dead server was added to the favorites list it would incorrectly indicate that the server was online.
  • Corrected: The Cheat Blocker introduced a stability issue (see below)

    Notable Changes (Cheat Blocker):

  • Blocker version v3.0.3.3966
  • Corrected: the prior update caused instability in the game, resulting in a very specific type of sysdump to occur and a resulting NETSOCK.LOG file to be generated.
  • A single additonal trainer was identified and cataloged.
  • CB only users do not require a download, use of the Auto-Update button will deliver the correct version of the files

    August 17, 2002 -- DF2/3 Favorites 3.0.2 Update and Cheat Blocker 3.0.2 Update are available for download from the downloads page.

    Notable Changes (DF2/3 Favorites):

  • Favorites v3.0.2.3740
  • Full TFD (Task Force Dagger) support including Join, Remote, and weapon selections
  • Lobby Search has been adjusted for all the odd characters being used on the DF2 NW pages
  • Added version number of the game to the Server Properties dialog
  • Added more time and kill options in the remote startup options dialog
  • Most recent copy of the Cheat Blocker is included
  • The 3.0 install has been updated, if you have never installed favorites then installing this version will give you the latest
  • The 3.0.2 Update install is provided for those users who already have any version 3.0 installed

    Notable Changes (Cheat Blocker):

  • Blocker version v3.0.2.3914
  • Added more profiles for no-cd/no-saw patches
  • More trainers added to the confirmed catalog list
  • Improved cheat alert notification
  • CB only users do not require a download, use of the Auto-Update button will deliver the correct version of the files

    August 9, 2002 DF2/3
  • Favorites 3.0.2 Cheat Blocker update is available. It adds confirmed detection of some more trainers and some various updates to some of the detection code.

    August 9, 2002
  • DF2/3 Favorites 3.0.1 Update is available. It addresses the lobby changes (single click adds servers again) that have occurred at Novaworld and improves the error messages displayed when the XML components are not installed. It also includes the updated Cheat Blocker.

    August 2, 2002

  • Cheat Blocker v3.0 has been released. This represents a five month beta cycle. The cheat blocker effectively disallows the use of the vast majority of known trainers, skins, and cracks for DF2 and DFLW. The Cheat Blocker includes an Auto-Update facility to keep your blocker up to the newest version. Download is available on the download page.

    August 2, 2002

  • DF2/3 Favorites v3.0 has been released. This represents nearly a seven month timeframe since the last public release. This version includes a new web remote, integrated chat, chat server, cheat blocker, and a server trace route. It fully supports DF2 and DFLW. There is join support for TFD and a subsequent update will provide server support. Download is available on the download page.

    July 31, 2002

  • The DF2/3 Favorites Cheat Blocker is expected to be released this coming weekend. Check the download page for availability and the FAQ pages for installation and usage support.

    July 15, 2002

  • The site, dffav.dfcenter.com, has moved to a new faster server, dffav.nova-center.com. If you have any links references the old server name, ajpcs, please replace them with either nova-center or dfcenter.

    July 14, 2002

  • The Auto-Update feature has been finished in the Cheat Blocker system. It will enter into the next beta cycle and permit the easiest way to ensure you are using the newest version of the blocker possible.

    July 13, 2002

  • Cheat Blocker has an updated release for beta testers that is available for download. Beta users can contact their designated squad contacts to get additional information. If I have missed notifying anyone please icq me and I will provide the download and update instructions. This version includes skins, significantly increased number of trainers added to the confirmed list. This represents what I hope is the last beta cycle prior to a public version becoming available.

    July 13, 2002

  • Task Force Dagger Support will be provided in upcoming releases of DF2/3 Favorites. Presently join support has been completed. The remote and player editors still require some work prior to offering the same level of support as exists for DF2 and DFLW. Hmmmm, DF2/3/4 Favorites is getting a bit just long in the tooth -- perhaps the name should simply be DF Favorites.

    July 9, 2002

  • The DF2/3 Favorites site is under maintenance and will be moving to a new server.

    July 9, 2002

  • Visit the forums at Demolition Men squad page and find out more about the Cheat Blocker and the Beta DF2/3 Favorites

    July 9, 2002

  • Read the interview provided to Nova Arena here