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DF2/3 Favorites is a utility program for NovaLogic's Delta Force 2 and Delta Force Land Warrior games. It includes the following major features:

  • Ping game servers and keep them in lists
  • Join games automatically, bypassing NovaWorld
  • Modify your player settings and use fancy names (i.e. Ðeadßolt) including choosing weapons, messages, etc.
  • Remote control of game servers to ban, punt, etc.
  • Send game links between players/buddy lists.
  • Messaging support for sharing game and tool links.
  • Tool support, integrate your favorite tools.

    Ping game servers and keep them in lists

    DF2/3 Favorites can be used to keep track of game servers that you like to play in. It will provide with game information directly from the game server itself. This allows you to see various things such as game name, ping rate, number of players, game type, and dedicated server. You can sort these lists by any information that is available. This is a great way to find servers that have the lowest ping rate.

    DF2/3 Favorites allows you to keep multiple lists of servers. This can be used to keep all of your Team Deathmatch servers together or simply to store servers that you visit infrequently. These lists can be exported and imported by other users of DF2/3 Favorites.

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    Join games automatically, bypassing NovaWorld

    DF2/3 Favorites can help you get into a game quickly in various ways. You can join a game directly from the program and it will navigate all of the screens for you -- with just one click.

    DF2/3 Favorites replaces the default startup web page used by Delta Force 2 and Delta Force Land Warrior with a series of pages that include all of you game servers in every list. You can choose all the games that you might want to play in and generate the list, start the game, and simply use the pages stored locally on your computer without suffering the slow page loads from NovaWorld.

    DF2/3 Favorites will automatically turn itself off after you get into the game. There is no need to alt-tab back and shut it down. It knows you need the memory for gaming.

    DF2/3 Favorites restore the startup page after you automatically join a game. There is no need to start up the program again just to get rid of the last game you joined. It will automatically generate pages that contain all of your servers stored in easy to navigate pages.

    Is the game you want to join full? DF2/3 Favorites makes joining full servers easy. When a server is full you simply click a checkbox beside the server and it will automatically join that server when a slot is available. It can do this since it will ping the server every few seconds (you control how frequently) and as soon as it notices a slot it will start the join action.

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    Modify your player settings and use fancy names

    DF2/3 Favorites can be used to build fancy names for hosting your servers or your player names. It also does this safely so that your statistics are not wiped out. It includes a very simple editor that allows you to choose the characters to include in your name and will automatically update your player files with the fancy name.

    Annoyed that you can't use another player slot when starting a game. With DF2/3 Favorites you can. With the player editor you can change the order of the players that are listed in the player file. This works for both Delta Force 2 and Delta Force Land Warrior.

    DF2/3 Favorites player editor allows allows you change the vast majority of settings about your player. This includes every weapon and all of you quick messages. You can do this before starting a game. There is no need to jump into a NO SAWS server. You can check your weapons before start the game and adjust them on the spot.

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    Remote control of game servers to ban, punt, etc.

    Have you ever been in your squad server, a player is cheating or misbehaving, and the host is off doing other things (can you say argh!)? How about having a TDM server and wanting to switch it to a TKOTH server? Do you need something simple that works for both Delta Force 2 and Delta Force Land Warrior?

    DF2/3 Favorites includes everything you need to allow your squad members or friends to assume a pre-defined level of control over your server. If you host a server all you need to do before you walk away is start up the included Command and Control Server and it will allow anyone you have defined access permissions to connect and perform a variety of activities on your game. Using the DF2/3 Favorites Manage Server command allows them to connect and perform all the activities as if they were there. All with a simple to graphical interface.

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    Send game links between players/buddy lists.

    What page is that game on? What was the name of that game? How many times have you ICQ'd or said that over your voice software? If you are frustrated with doing this then you should use DF2/3 Favorites. It includes a variety of ways to share your game links with your buddies.

    DF2/3 Favorites includes a buddy system that you can use to establish a list of players that you can share game links with. It does not matter whether these users are online or offline. When you send a game link to another user it will either be sent directly to them or sent to the Favorites World server and delivered the next time the user starts DF2/3 Favorites.

    When you first run DF2/3 Favorites it will ask you to choose a display name and password. This will register you on the Favorites World servers. From there you can then add and remove buddies that you plan on sharing game links. When someone adds you to their buddy list you are sent a message that allows you to authorize them or reject the request. This lets you keep your online status contained to only those users that you wish.

    DF2/3 Favorites integrates with Favorites World to allow you to find other game users quickly and easily. Search for users either by User ID or by a portion of their Display Names. If the players are on a squad, it is easier, search for their squad tags and and all the squad at once.

    DF2/3 Favorites also supports sending game links in a couple of other ways. If you have ICQ 2000b or greater then you can send a game link to users that are online. This is not as nice as using the Favorites World service but it works for those that wish to use it. You can also copy a game link reference and send it however you wish. This link will contain the Nova Key that can then be used by the other user to add the game.

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    Messaging support for sharing game and tool links.

    DF2/3 Favorites provides integrated messaging that gives you the power to send and receive game links, tool links, web links, and small messages. This service works whether your buddies are online or offline. Send that BattleCom or Roger Wilco link to your friends and then can quickly join your voice server. All using the same tool that you use to send game links back and forth.

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    Tool support, integrate your favorite tools.

    DF2/3 Favorites automatically detects BattleCom and Roger Wilco, making them available from the new Tools menu. You don't need to search your desktop or start menu for these tools anymore.

    DF2/3 Favorites gives you the ability to add your favorite tools to the user-customizable Tools menu. Add your favorite tools and have them just a click away.

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